Sony Computer Entertainment have announced today that they're manufacturing a new version of their PlayStation 2, to feature a DVD+RW compatible drive.

It's not believed that the drive will let you write discs, but instead will allow the play of discs which have been written using the ever increasingly popular re-writable dvd formats of DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW - something which will be of great interest to anyone lucky enough to own a Philips DVDR890 DVD Recorder, meaning that you'll be able to play your own recordings on Sony's console.

Other improvements will see the machine operating much quieter due to an improved cooling system, meaning less noise from the internal fan. Sony will also be releasing a new DVD remote control which features extra functionality including some of the basic features which were simply lacking from the original remote such as being able to switch the console on and off.

Less impressive news however is that the company plan to remove the iLink/firewire port from the console, due to the lack of use which it's received so far.

So far there appears to only be plans for launch of the upgraded PlayStation 2 in Japan, but we're hopeful that Sony will decide it's worth a worldwide release, and as soon as we find out any more about a possible European release we'll let you know.