Sony's slimline PS2 consoles have been hit by a safety recall after it was discovered a number of power adapters may cause injury, with the possibility of them overheating and leading to the risk of fire.

Only machines manufactured between August 2004 and December 2004 are said to be affected by the problem, which has seen four reports of overheating across Europe, and further cases reported in North America - including several resulting in the power adapter melting.

Customers with a slimline PlayStation 2 are advised to visit the website, where a free replacement power adapter can be ordered for affected consoles, and further help is available via the freephone 0800 555 516 customer helpline.

All owners who have an affected machine are advised by Sony to unplug their PS2 immediately, and to not use the machine again until the replacement power adaptor has been received.

Earlier this year Microsoft's Xbox console faced a similar safety recall, with the company replacing more than 14 million power cables due to the risk of fire, after several users reported minor injury and burning.

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