Sony Europe have packed up their PlayStation 2 display at the CeBIT trade show in Germany, after complaints that they were letting people play on their consoles.

According to reports, Microsoft, along with other companies, complained to the show organisers, saying that Sony were in breach of the show rules, by allowing people to play the games instead of having them demonstrated.

Microsoft have strongly denied that they made any such complaint, although a spokewoman for CeBIT said that many companies including Microsoft had complained about what Sony was doing. The spokeswoman went on to say that "CeBIT is not for playing games".

Sony were simply asked to switch off the consoles, but instead decided to totally dismantle their stand, removing 27 PS2's on Sunday morning, with the show not scheduled to end until Wednesday.

We're not too sure what caused Sony to take such drastic and somewhat embarrassing actions, although it's likely that this story will develop more, with both Sony and Microsoft being bitter rivals in the console market.