Sony Computer Entertainment Europe have announced that they're looking for a limited number of PS2 gamers to trial their broadband gaming network in the UK, to ensure it's all running smoothly for the official launch.

The news story on says that participants in the trial will be required to purchase an online network gaming trial pack from their online store, which is planned to cost around 40, and will come bundled with Network Adaptor, Network Access Disc, a copy of SOCOM: US Navy SEALs (online play only) and a USB headset for live communication.

To be eligible for the trial you must have access to a PlayStation 2 and memory card, be aged 18 or above living in England, Wales or Scotland, have a valid credit or debit card, and of course you must have a broadband connection.

It seems fairly likely that there will be a rush of PlayStation 2 owners to take part in the trial, so don't delay registering your chance - you'll need to fill out a questionnaire as part of the registration process, and this will allow the places to be evenly spread across a range of users, to ensure every aspect of the service is tested.