After weeks or rumour speculating that the PS2 was to receive a price cut, Sony have stepped forward, and confirmed that it's all true, and it's happening this week.

From 28th of September (this Friday) gamers will be able to pick up Sony's machine for 199 - that's 100 less than the launch price of last year.

David Reeves, of SCEE commented "We are confident that coming out of Christmas, PlayStation 2 will be firmly established as the console of choice for all gamers for 2002 and beyond and that developers and publishers alike will further build upon their commitment to write exclusive quality titles for PlayStation 2."

However, with the European launch of the Gamecube and Xbox set for the spring of 2002, the PlayStation 2 will be facing fierce competition, and as such this price drop can be seen as an attempt to win any remaining market before the onslaught of the new consoles.

The PlayStation 2 does have an impressive catalogue of titles available though, with 190 expected by Christmas, including Burnout, James Bond ..Agent under Fire, Top Gun Combat Zones, Wipeout Fusion, and Silent Hill 2 to name just a handful of forthcoming releases.

Details of PS2 bundle pricing have yet to be announced, although the PS2 GT3 pack should also see a similar price reduction on Friday, or may possibly see it getting bundled with extra games and wheels instead - either way there's some bargains to be had, and if you're looking for a new console this Christmas, you've now got the PlayStation 2 at 199, or a Dreamcast with 3 top titles and a free VMU for 99 to choose from.

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