Sony Computer Entertainment UK have just taken the latest shot in the pre-Christmas price war, by dropping the price of the PlayStation 2, and announcing a new limited edition silver console.


From October 1st the PlayStation 2 will be cut in price by about 30 to 139.99, and will be joined by a very stylish looking limited edition Satin Silver model, which will retail for 149.99 and including an extra silver Dualshock 2 controller, making it a real bargain price.

Both the Satin Silver and standard PS2 will also come with a number of upgraded features, including a new built-in Infra Red receiver, improved DVD-R/DVD-R/W playback, and a quieter internal fan.

Online retailer has listed the new Satin Silver PS2 as available to pre-order now, although currently both the release date and prices seem to disagree with the official announcement.

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