Japanese news agency Kyodo have reported on details of the PlayStation 3, which they say is due for launch by 2005.

Sony are said to be working on the follow-up console to the PlayStation 2, which seems likely to make use of the broadband fibre optic networks which Sony expect to be commonplace in about three years time.

It is suggested that CD's may become a thing of the past if the console uses a broadband network to deliver the games, and this follows on from the comment made by SCE's technical officer Shin'ichi Okamoto at the Game Developers Conference, about them wishing to use distributed computing in the PS3.

However it seems that if Sony plans to remove the need for games on CD's, then the uptake of broadband around the world, and especially in Europe will have to dramatically speed up if the console is to even be useable by many gamers - no broadband access would of course mean a box in your living room with no way of playing any games, and that isn't particularly useful, or indeed conducive to sales of the console.

We're expecting more details will be announced at E3, although some solid facts about the PlayStation 3 still seem some way off yet - as soon as we hear any more, either confirmed or gossip from E3, we'll let you know.

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