The processor which is to be used in the PlayStation 3 console was officially revealed last night, at the International Solid State Circuits Conference in San Francisco.

Cell chip to be used in the PlayStation 3

Engineers from IBM, Toshiba and Sony revealed the Cell chip which is smaller than a postage stamp and is said to offer clock speeds of over 4 Ghz, and bewildering 234 million transistors.

Much of the highly technical information which has been pushed out by the group will mean nothing to most gamers, and seems more aimed at trying to sound impressive in an effort to worry rival chip makers, but one interesting result of the PS3 chip is that Toshiba plan on using it inside televisions and IBM expect to use it within workstations within the year.

Possibly more impressive however is the claim that even mobile phones may see future versions using the chip - but only once they've managed to get one running without the need of a cooling fan, which the current version will require Sony's PlayStation 3 to be fitted with.

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