Sony's rival to the Game Boy Advance could be released in Europe before this Christmas, according to an interview with SCEE's president Chris Deering.

PSP Concept photo

In an article on the Official PlayStation website, Deering comments on a number of aspects relating the PlayStation platform as a whole, including the upcoming PSX and some big hints about the PlayStation Portable, including the fact that the company has a target global launch date of November 2004 - long ahead of the Summer 2005 which was earlier expected.

Talking about PSP, Deering says that it'll be "the Walkman of the next century" and that it "brings TV quality of portable gaming into existence for the first time". But it'd appear that gaming isn't the only area which Sony want to focus on with the PlayStation Portable, and they want it to include features such as an MP3 player utilising the memory stick slot.

Other hopes for the handheld device include the possible addition of global positioning satellite technology, much as it already is with Pocket PC's and Sony's very own Clie PDA's. Communication via GPRS is also being considered, and if included could prove to be some tough competition to Nokia's N-Gage game deck.

More details about the PlayStation Portable, along with the follow up console to the PlayStation 2 are expected to be revealed at E3 during May, and we'll bring you further news as soon as it's announced.

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