Sudoku isn't the sort of game we'd usually cover here on GamesPaper, but seeing as you'll find the grid-based number puzzles in just about every other newspaper that you pick up, then we may as well bow to the craze too...


We're not too sure quite what benefit there is to having Carol Vorderman on screen next to your sudoku puzzles, although seeing as the game is named after her it's probably pretty much a requirement and she'll stand there providing "live video" hints and tips covering everything from the basic principles of playing the game through to more advanced number-crunching methods.

Over 1 million puzzle combinations are said to be available in Carol Vorderman Sudoku which is released by Xplosiv this weekend and features a choice of Beat the Clock, Perfect Sudoku, Sudoku Challenge and Challenge Carol modes - promising "hours and hours of fun for fans of Sudoku", meaning it's probably going to be an ideal gift this Christmas for anyone who has been suckered in to playing during recent months.