Datel have announced an emulator which allows PS2 owners to play all their Game Boy Color games, via the PS2 console.

To run Game Boy Color games on your PS2, you have to boot up the Game Studio software, and then simply plug the specially designed GamePort into the memory card of your PS2 console. Insert any Game Boy or Game Boy Color cartridge, and instantly play it in full colour with authentic sound on your TV/monitor.

Game Studio takes advantage of the PS2's bi-linear filtering to display your Game Boy games in hi-res, with smoother edges and graded colours. It's even rumble pack compatible, with games such as Perfect Dark's vibration feature working through PS2 Dual Shock 2 controllers.

The system comes with 8 built in games - Space Invasion, Karate Joe, Painter, ATV Racing, Full Time, Hang Time, Pocket Smash Out and Race Time. What's more, it's powered by Action Replay, so there's thousands of the coolest codes to blast your Game Boy games wide open.

The package has a "Games To Go" feature, allowing you to download any of your free games onto a special cartridge that is provided, at the click of a button. Simply clip the cartridge into your Game Boy Color and play your Game Studio games wherever you go!

GameStudio is due for release in April 2001, and will retail at 39.99

Check out for further information of their product range.