It appears that Nintendo has a "Major Pokemon announcement" set to be revealed when their show takes place in London during the first few days of September.

Exact details of what this major announcement is, we simply don't know, and until it happens it seems we won't know, as Nintendo are keeping it secret. Maybe it's an announcement of a Pokemon for GBA game, or a GBA linked up to a GameCube playing Pokemon, or maybe it's something not quite as earth shattering.

What's not quite known is why the major announcement is happening in the UK, just days after they've been showing their bits at Space World, where they always announce anything and everything to whip the Japanese gamers into a frenzy.

GamesPaper will have full news of the announcement as soon as we know more, but in the meantime we'll be reporting on all the top stories from Space World in Japan later this month, closely followed by the Nintendo show and ECTS for the start of September.