Codemasters have announced today that they've acquired the publishing rights to Pop Idol, which is due for release on PlayStation 2 and PC later this year, in time for the television airing of the second series.


Pop Idol is, as you no doubt already know, the reality TV show which followed a bunch of hyped-up teenage wannabes through a series of heats which saw them slowly but surely getting voted off, under a barrage of criticisms about their musical performances.

The game will revolve around a rhythm action style of play, where you'll get to create, style and train your contestant up enough so they can impress the audience and judging panel, whilst performing to a selection of 40 top-ten music tracks.


All of the features from the TV series are said to be present in the game, including a computer-generated Simon Cowell - and he'll be just as blatantly honest about what he thinks of the contestants, as he was in the TV show.

Speaking about the signing of the rights to publish Pop Idol at a pre-show rehearsal, Codemasters' Mike Hayes commented "To have video games based on the ratings-dominating Pop Idol series and to launch them with such perfect timing is a major coup; the games’ launches will be major events in the mass-market gaming calendar. The power branding of Pop Idol, combined with an excellent music rhythm based game has immense appeal to the far-reaching gaming audience on PlayStation 2 and PC".


The TV show Pop Idol was sort of thing you either loved or hated - personally it's the latter - but Codemasters are hoping that the game will be a huge success with gamers aged 7 to 17, which they consider to be a market which is largely untapped, and backed up by audience research which claims 70% of teenagers watched the program.

Codemasters are set to reveal more details about Pop Idol at the E3 expo which takes place in Los Angeles next month.