BAM Entertainment and Ubi Soft Entertainment have announced an agreement where Ubi Soft Entertainment will be in charge of selling and distring BAM’s first three product launches into the European market.

The three games from BAM Entertainment Bad Mojo Jojo, Paint the Townsville Green, and Battle Him, are all developed under license from Warner Bros.

"We believe that the strength of Ubi Soft’s distribution network in Europe, combined with their proven ability to successfully market family based products will enhance our presence in Europe" said Anthony Williams, CEO of BAM Entertainment.

Each game will feature a different Powerpuff Girl as the star. Bad Mojo Jojo, the first game to appear on the European market in June 2001, has Blossom, the fire-haired leader of The Powerpuff Girls, taking center stage.

Sales over in the USA have been proving popular, with over 600,000 copies of The Powerpuff Girls Game Boy Color Games sold since their launch in November 2000.