Confirmation has finally come from Microsoft that the downloadable content for Project Gotham Racing 2 will be the city of Paris.


The much sought after download confirmation was revealed in the monthly Xbox Live newsletter which was sent too all subscribers this evening, where "Project Gotham Racing 2 Paris" was listed in the Top Downloads - all the more strange when you consider it's not even available to download yet.

Leaks of this kind have become fairly common in the email newsletter which is sent out from Microsoft, and a previous edition revealed plans for the upgrade to Xbox Live which would bring about the new Tsunami features.

It's highly likely that the content will require payment due to the sheer amount of work which will have been put in place to develop the add-on locations - however without any official confirmation of exactly what will be featured as yet, it's hard to tell. As soon as we receive further information from Microsoft, we'll let you know.

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