Dreamcast title Propeller Arena has been removed from the Dreamcast release schedule world-wide.


The arcade style action shooter developed by Sega's AM2, involved dogfights in retro style propeller planes, with the option for up to 4 players to battle it out simultaneously. However, recent events have seen the release date put back to next year, and now the title has been confirmed as being cancelled world-wide - a shame, as the title was on show at ECTS at the start of September, and was shaping up to be an action packed and addictive title.

There are still several Sega titles remaining to be released in Europe for the Dreamcast though, so it's not all bad news. The upcoming titles include 90 Minutes football - of which we'll be having a full review soon - Virtua Tennis 2, Floigan Brothers, Shenmue II, REZ, and Phatasy Star Online 2. The launch of Headhunter on November 16th is also getting closer all the time, and there's a website at www.anticrimenetwork.com which will evolve as the release date draws closer by opening up new levels and mini games.


Headhunter follows Jack Wade, one of the best Headhunters ever, with action set in California in the not too distant future, where society has become obsessed with health, particularly with prolonging life and preserving youthful looks. The preferred method of achieving this is from transplants, particularly from human donors.

In order to meet demands, the government has ruled that criminals should donate particular body parts rather than serve time. It is the job of the Headhunter to make these macabre collections - Just like the game, the website will require you to reach certain access levels before you become a qualified Headhunter.

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