THQ have been on an all out assault today, providing details of game after game, as part of their line up of new titles due for release during 2002.

Red Faction 2 is the follow up to last years best selling Red Faction, and will see a range of new game modes added, along with 4 player split screen. Players will be given the ability to commandeer different vehicles and fight alongside elite squad members each with their own attack attributes.

An enhanced Geo-Mod engine, refined graphics, and auto save feature will be other improvements to the game, which is due for release on the PlayStation 2 before Christmas 2002.

WWF WrestleMania X8 will feature more than 35 superstars from the world of wrestling, with TV style presentation throughout, including dynamic lighting effects, pyrotechnics, camera flashes and multiple camera angles, and TitanTron videos and music as wrestlers enter the arena. WWF WrestleMania X8 will be a Gamecube exclusive, and is due for release during 2002.

MX 2003 follows on from MX2002, and will feature 22 new tracks, mini game modes. A freestyle stunt track editor allows gamers to create their own tracks to perform stunts on, and an expanded career mode allows riders to upgrade their bikes with tuning parts based on earnings from winning events. MX 2003 is due for release on the Gamecube in the Summer, and on the PS2 and Xbox in the Autumn.

Hot Wheels is a working title for THQ's mission based racing game, set in a dark, futuristic world, and features 35 authentic Hot Wheels cars. The game is due for release on the PlayStation 2 during Autumn 2002.

Toxic Grind is another mission based title, yet again set in a dark and futuristic world, where BMX riders have to complete objectives, avoid deadly obstacles and pull off insane tricks in order to survive the most lethal game show ever created. Toxic Grind is due for release in the second half of 2002.

We'll bring further details and screens of the above games just as soon as they become available from THQ.