More new screenshots of REZ have been released, showing what looks to be the oddest looking game we've seen for a long time.


Gameplay in REZ involves gamers shooting digital enemies to release the enemies frequency, which makes "essence sounds" and they multiply to create rhythm which in turn changes the visuals in the game.

The overall mission of the game is to use your laser, break through the firewall of a super virtual network, and track down "Eden" which is the central AI of the system.

screen screen

Rhythm driven action takes place over six graphically stunning levels, each featuring music from progressive music artists.

According to the European publisher Big Ben Interactive, players will feel the ecstasy of intertwined colour, form, movement and sound - one to play late at night in a darkened room, then.

screen screen

There's the old saying "graphics don't make a good game", but with such bizarre graphics which seem to be so different from anything else, they alone could make a fairly amazing game. REZ is due for release on the Dreamcast in early 2002.