Radica UK have today confirmed their line-up of Gamester accessories for the Gamecube, all of which will be available at launch on May 3rd.


The GameCube Pro Racer retails at 19.99, and has a unique "Twist and Lock" feature, which allows the wheel to convert to a regular joypad, which features the standard analogue action buttons, trigger buttons and D pad, along with two vibration motors for feedback rumble effect.

Radica's GameCube Controller, which costs 14.99, will also feature all of your standard joypad features, plus rubberised grips and rounded buttons, providing for more comfort during long gaming sessions.


Other accessories in the range, include GameCube Memory Card, available in 4mb and 8mb versions, at 9.99 and 14.99 respectively, and come in a protective case for improved storage. Whilst on the subject of storage, Radica's "GameCube G Case" provides storage for up to 12 Gamecube discs, and has been specially designed for the tiny Gamecube discs, and a real bargain at 7.99 when you consider how many games it'll keep safe from damage like scratches.

Radica's usual selection of leads are also catered for, including the GBA Lead which allows you to link a GBA up with the Gamecube, which retails at 4.99, along with AV/Scart Lead and RF Units each retailing at 7.99, and finally a 1.8m joypad extension cable for 4.99, meaning you can sit in comfort anywhere in your living room.

All of the products in Radica's Gamester range will be available from May 3rd, at all good retailers.