Hertfordshire based accessories manufacturer, Radica UK, have announced their officially licensed Xbox peripherals.

xbox accessory

Radica's Xbox range has been developed by designers in both the USA and UK, and along side Microsoft to ensure that they're fully compatible with the new console. Radica claim that because of the way each peripheral has been designed to be ergonomic and durable, it'll give gamers an "Unfair Advantage" - sounds good to us.

The Arcade Stick allows storage of two 32 hit combos, has two programmable buttons, and interchangeable sticks. The standard style controller comes in a rather fetching silvery grey colour, and looks better than the MS one (at least it's not got the big green blob!), and has rubberised grips, two vibration motors and two expansion ports.

xbox accessory xbox accessory

Finally the all important memory unit, which has 8mb of storage space, and uses uncompressed memory to ensure maximum reliability and none of that lengthy waiting for the data to be crunched down to fit on the card. There's also an extra bonus included in the form of a link cable, which allows multi player gaming using two consoles and two TVs.

Full pricing details have yet to be announced, but you can expect to see them on the shelves of your local computer game store at the UK Xbox launch.