Radica Games have announced that they've signed an exclusive European and North American agreement which will see the Lotus logo on a new range of console based driving accessories.

The agreement will see Radica UK, who are based in Hertfordshire, launching a range of new products that sport the badge of the poplar Lotus sports cars, which include the Elise, and Esprit.

"Their unique heritage, styling and engineering technology makes Lotus the envy of sports car manufacturers all over the world" said John Doughty, managing director of Radica UK Ltd. "We are proud to be associated with such a distinguished and successful organisation and are working closely with their engineering team to produce an outstanding range of driving accessories."

Over 10% of new cars sold in Europe last year had a Lotus designed or developed engine, and Lotus Manufacturing build all Lotus cars, along with the Opel Speedster/Vauxhall VX220 for General Motors.

Lotus cars have been popular with gamers for several years - with Virgin Interactive's Lotus Challenge on the PlayStation 2 being the latest game featuring the Lotus brand - giving gamers the chance to get behind the wheel of their dream sports car.

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