At the X01 event in France, Microsoft announced what their new driving title is to be, in the form of Rallisport Challenge.


Rallisport Challenge is being developed by Swedish based Digital Illusions, C.E. and have several racing games under their belt, including RallyMasters, Swedish Touring Car Championship, and NASCAR Heat.

One of the biggest features in Rallisport Challenge is the fact that there's four different types of rallying on offer - Hill climb, World Rally Championship style rallies, bumper-to-bumper Rallycross and Ice racing championships.

Licensed cars are also going to be in the game, including Audi, Ford, Subaru, Citroen, Lancia and Mitsubishi. There's also going to be the Group "B" cars from the 1980's to give even more cars to choose from.

screen screen

Rallisport Challenge, published by Microsoft, is due for release on the Xbox during Spring 2002.

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