Sega Europe have launched the first in a series of game-specific Sega websites today, with the first one covering their new Dreamcast RPG title, Skies of Arcadia which is released tommorrow (April 13th)

The site details all the game's features and characters and there are a number of downloads, including movies, commercials, wallpaper and screenshots.

Click on to visit the website and find out more about their fascinating new Role Playing title.

It's not yet know what other games are to recieve their own UK official sites from Sega, but with titles including Daytona 2001, Crazy Taxi 2, 18 Wheeler, and Sonic Adventure 2 all on their way for the Dreamcast over the next few months, it wouldn't be suprising to see quite a few new sites popping up with all the in-depth info and plenty of cool downloads!

Watch out for our full review of Skies of Arcadia which will be appearing on GamesPaper within the next week, and you can order Skies of Arcadia from now.