RealNetworks have announced RealArcade, which is being billed as a powerful new end-to-end platform for the digital distribution of PC games, offering unparalleled benefits to developers and consumers alike.

The RealArcade developer service will provide game creators with the tools and services they need to build, package, distribute and sell PC games online to a truly mass market.

More than 40 game developers and publishers have already announced support for RealArcade, including developers such as Valve Software, Monolith, Zombie Entertainment and Small Rockets, and top game publishers like Sierra Online and Midas Interactive.

The RealArcade consumer service will be launched by the summer, and highlights of the free service include an assortment of high-quality games for online and offline play; an easy way to find, acquire and manage PC and Web-based games; and a simple, versatile way to interact and play online with other gamers.

More information about the RealArcade service is available at