The Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association has announced that a record 1.34 billion worth of games were sold in the UK during 2004.

Sales figures were up 6.6% on last years previous record high, pointing to a rapidly growing market which is expected to achieve even higher figures during the coming year.

Electronic Arts were by far the leading publisher with nine of the top 20 titles, whilst Christmas best seller Need for Speed Undergound 2 managed to achieve the third place overall. Take 2's hit Grand Theft Auto San Andreas unsurprisingly took the number one spot, whilst other major releases including Half-Life 2 and Doom 3 failed to even make an appearance within the table pointing to less than expected sales for what were being hyped-up as key releases during 2004.

Top 20 games of 2004:
1: Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas
2: Fifa 2005
3: Need for Speed - Underground 2
4: Simpsons - Hit and Run
5: Pro-Evolution Soccer 4
6: Sonic Heroes
7: Spider-Man 2
8: Need for Speed - Underground
9: Halo 2
10: Driv3r
11: The Incredibles
12: Sims 2
13: Burnout 3 - Takedown
14: Fifa 2004
15: Call of Duty - Finest Hour
16: Harry Potter - The Prisoner of Azkaban
17: The Sims - Bustin' Out
18: Shrek 2
19: Splinter Cell - Pandora Tomorrow
20: Lord Of The Rings - Return of the King

Microsoft's Xbox managed to achieve an impressive 37.9% growth in sales, whilst Sony's market leading PlayStation 2 managed to increase by 13% on 2003's figures, going to show that there's still a lot of support for Sony's four year old console - no doubt boosted by the launch of a slimmer PS2 model at the same time as best selling GTA San Andreas was launched back in October.

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