THQ's Red Faction for the PlayStation 2 has blasted it's way straight into the number 1 position in the USA sales charts after it's first week on sale.


Red Faction sees players on the surface of Mars, battling for freedom against the evil Ultor Corporation. The game utilises an innovative new Geo-Mod engine, which allows players to fully alter and destroy the gaming environment.

"We are thrilled with consumer response to Red Faction for PlayStation 2" said Brian Farrell, president and CEO, THQ. "As an internal developed brand boasting cutting-edge, proprietary technology, Red Faction represents an original intellectual property we intend to harvest through the next gaming cycle."


Red Faction is due for release on the PS2 on June 22nd, and a PC version will also be released - we'll have a full review of this excellent looking title on GamesPaper soon.

Further information about Red Faction can be found at the Official Red Faction website, and you can Buy Red Faction at Amazon.