Hertfordshire based Nobilis have been cooking up a new PC strategy simulator, in the form of Restaurant Empire, and the chef tells us it's almost ready to serve.


Restaurant Empire should instantly prove popular with fans of games like The Sims and Hotel Giant due to it's visual appearance and strategy/simulation type gameplay, but the developer Enlight (who also developed Hotel Giant) say that the game is much more advanced due to it's storyline based gameplay.

Gameplay revolves around all the features of running a restaurant, from decorating your restaurant, to hiring staff, and cooking the meals using chefs from a range of more than 30 unique, including some celebrity chefs.


Nearly 300 recipes are available for the chefs to create the culinary delights for your restaurant customers to enjoy, and to help improve their experience of the meals, you've got some 200 decoration items which can be used to theme and spruce-up the restaurant surroundings.

The game doesn't just revolve around the management of your restaurant though, as you'll be able to enter the Grand Master Chef cooking competition with award-winning recipes, and explore three real world capital cities of Paris, Rome and LA.


You'll be able to find a fly in your soup - or at least Restaurant Empire in your local computer games shop - from April 11th priced 29.99, published by Nobilis.

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