Climax have announced that they've got the rights to develop Robot Wars 2, for the BBC, following on from their successful Robot Wars title last year.

The title will be published on Xbox and PC, and quite surprisingly not on the PlayStation 2, unlike the previous version 'Arenas of Destruction', which saw over 250,000 units of the game sell during 2001 on the PC, PS2 and Game Boy.

All new battle modes, to follow the changes in Robot Wars Extreme will be featured in the game, and Karl Jeffrey, President of Climax told us "The TV series continues to go from strength to strength, and the most recent Robot Wars Extreme series delivers the most exciting battles yet. With the Robot Wars 2 game we’re able to utilise the new show format to give gamers battles that are more addictive, intense and brutal than ever before".

Climax are remaining very tight lipped about the specific features that will be found in Robot Wars 2, not wanting to spill the beans of their metal munching robot-fest of a title, but have said that a number of new arenas, a whole range of new robots, and a split screen two player mode, allowing for enhanced multiplayer gaming.

Robot Wars 2 will be entering the arena in time for the all important Christmas period.