Two classic Activision titles have been confirmed for Atari's Flashback 2.0 retro console, as part of the 40 game line-up from the 2600-based blast from the past.


First up is River Raid - a personal favourite from the Atari 2600 days - which puts you in control of a fighter jet which has to fly along a river whilst avoiding battleships in the water, tanks on the riverbank and other enemy aircraft, and all the time keeping an eye on the fuel gauge which rapidly runs down and requires you to fly over the pink and white refuelling points to allow your plane to progress onwards.

Pitfall is the other title making up the duo of Activision games and sees your character Pitfall Harry being guided through the jungle, swinging over crocodile filled lakes, tar pits and snakes to name just a few of the hazards which are faced, in what at the time felt like one of the more challenging 2600 titles.

Other games already confirmed for the unit by Atari include Asteroids, Combat, Missile Command and Pong, with the whole machine modelled on the design of the original 2600 console which was released back in 1977 and featured the iconic wood panel casing - although progress has seen the case shrink in size for the Flashback version, which has also lost the metal flick switches in favour of modern plastic push buttons.

Flashback 2.0 is due for release in America this August, with a European release expected to follow soon after.

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