Upcoming chart hopeful Rock Manager has been signed by Mindscape, and has been delayed until March 2002 to ensure that it gets the full exposure it deserves.


We first got to see the game at ECTS back in September, and we've had preview code of the title for just over a month now, and can quite safely say that it's one of the most fun games we've played in a long time - to say that the game jumped out and grabbed us with it's cartoony style characters and clever touches would be no exaggeration.

During a recording session at the local studios, PAN Interactive's International Sales Manager Karin Björkin told us "We are extremely pleased with the co-operation with Mindscape. We are also confident they will do excellent job marketing and distributing the game in the UK".

"The game is clever, funny and totally unique. Unlike many computer games, the writing is very cutting edge and tongue in cheek. We've decided to hold back the release until March 2002 because we want to implement a massive marketing and PR campaign that'll do the game justice" said an electric guitar wielding Mindscape Managing Director, Nick Naylor.

screen screen

The game features wannabe band members, with a varied selection of talents, and plenty of entertaining personalities, from a quiet but talented musician, to a heavy-metal grunge head, and even an ugly talentless daughter who can't sing to save her life - you'd almost think it was based on a real TV pop group, wouldn't you?

A number of musical styles are possible with your virtual group, including rock, pop, hip-hop, thrash metal, punk, nu metal, electonica to name just a few. Of course, this means you need to pick your band carefully, as some of the band members won't be too keen on playing a pop tune if they're more interested in crashing and banging away on the drum kit, before putting their foot through the bass drum.

Rock Manager, published by Mindscape, will be rocking the PC gaming world from March 2002, and the slight delay gives us an ideal opportunity for a preview, which will appear on GamesPaper soon.

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