SCi announced earlier this week that they'd snapped up the rights to Rolling, which was previously being developed and published by Rage.


Gameplay sees you competing as one of 21 licensed skaters, including Jon Julio, Cesar Mora and Fabiola da Silva - all names which are apparently well repespected in the inline rollerblading community.

Much "in-line" with other similar genre games such as Tony Hawks, you'll get to take part in challenges and events on a range of skate parks including streets and circuits, in an attempt to become the ultimate skater, get sponsorship and even attempt to make the front covers of sports magazines as your fame improves.


Over 250 different moves including grinds, grabs, spins, flips and cess slides will be possible, and further variation comes in the form of a custom character designer which lets you make your perfect inline skating champion. You'll also have the chance to build your perfect skate park thanks to the built in editor.

Rolling is due for release by it's new publisher SCi on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox later this year.

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