The ever popular Scalextric slot car racing system looks set to revolutionise multiplayer online gaming, after Hornby announced that they are to launch a system which lets you compete against racers from around the world via the internet.

Scalextric Sport World System will enable track layouts to be connected up to a PC, and will feature a control unit fitted with a LCD screen will give gamers a choice of nine race modes, with the ability to tune cars, set pit stop strategies and weather conditions, before competing against other Scalextric's fans with the same track formation laid out.

With Hornby bringing a traditionally livingroom based family past time in to the online world, multiplayer online gaming could receive a significant boost in popularity, and also opens up the possibility of future online games (which currently only take place in a virtual on-screen world such as Project Gotham Racing 2 on the Xbox) using real working vehicles on actual physical circuits - a novel crossover between the virtual reality and real life.

The full system is due to be revealed to the trade at the upcoming International Toy Fair in London later this month and GamesPaper will be there to bring you all the latest news from the show floor, starting on January 29th.

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