Ubi Soft last week signed an agreement with Mattel to bring the well known Scrabble board game to consoles and the PC.

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Based on the popular board game which was first designed all the way back in the 1930's, the PC and console versions are set to be popular with a wide age group, from youngsters who probably don't even know what a board game is, up to older adults who are almost but not quite old enough to remember when it was first created some 70 years ago.

The PC and PlayStation versions will have 3D boards, which are zoomable and able to be viewed from various angles. There's also a built in dictionary, so there's no more cheating with "it's a real word.. I haven't made it up - honest".


Scrabble is due for release on the Game Boy Color, PC and PlayStation this November, and will no doubt be a popular Christmas seller - just like the board game.