Sega of Europe today announced that it is to reduce the recommended retail price of its Dreamcast titles.

From April 27th all new Dreamcast software titles published by Sega will retail at 29.99 instead of the previous recommended retail price - 39.99

Skies of Arcadia which is launched today, will be the first title to recieve the new price tag, and further games including Daytona USA 2001, Crazy Taxi 2, 18 Wheeler, and Sonic Adventure 2, amongst many others which are due for release later this summer.

Commenting on the new software price points, Sega's UK General Manager, Alan Jones said "We want to show the public that we still mean business with Dreamcast. The new 29.99 price point offers superb value for what is the strongest software line up currently available for any gaming console."

With the Dreamcast at 99.99, and top quality new games being released at the bargain price of 29.99, surely there's never been a better time to buy a Dreamcast?