Sega have shown off three of the 10 titles which they are developing for the Nintendo Gamecube, at E3 in Los Angeles.

The Amusement Vision is developing "Super Monkey Ball"(working title), just launched in arcade, which is a simple action game to play with cute monkeys. Also, the company is working on the world renowned "Virtua Striker 3 Ver.2002"(working title), originally an arcade soccer game built in the latest arcade NAOMI 2 board.

In addition, the Sonic Team delivers the best selling "Phantasy Star Online for GC"(working title), first launched on Sega’s Dreamcast last December.


Super Monkey Ball
Due for release in the Autumn of 2001, Super Monkey Ball sees players rolling a monkey in a ball to the goal. Graphics are to be more powerful then the original arcade version, and the game offers 4 players sprit screens and allows up to 4 people to play at the same time.

Virtua Striker 3 Ver.2002
Sega's number one arcade hit football title will be coming to the GameCube from the spring of 2002, and will feature improved visuals, and enhanced gameplay.


Phantasy Star Online
A launch date for PSO on the GameCube has not been decided yet, but the title is already hotly anticipated after it's enormous success on the Dreamcast. The title developed by the Sonic Team will see players taking part in a network based adventure.