Sega Europe today announced that it has reached an agreement with Bigben Interactive, a European distributor, to maintain full availability and distribution for Dreamcast products throughout Europe.

Sega will continue to take responsibility for consumer marketing, after sales service and all customer services including Consumer Call Centre.

BBI will be responsible for sales/distribution of hardware, software and peripherals although the exact nature of the responsibility will vary by market - the Dreamcast already has a very impressive line-up for 2001, including Virtua Tennis 2, Crazy Taxi 2, Sonic Adventure 2 and Confidential Mission to name just a few.

Sega Europe C.O.O Kazutoshi Miyake said: "Sega is committed to ensuring that Dreamcast continues to be in full distribution to ensure consumers can enjoy the AAA software line-up already underway for this year. We are delighted to be working with BBI as a proven European Partner."