Earlier this week, THQ and Sega confirmed that four new titles are in development for the Game Boy Advance.

Virtua Tennis will be the first of the new batch from Sega to be published by THQ, and will see up to four players taking part in Tournament and Exhibition matches, or you can train your player in the World Circuit mode. Virtua Tennis will be "served up" later this year.

Crazy Taxi brings the fun arcade game to the GBA's tiny screen, and will feature both single and multiplayer games, through the streets of a new city specially chosen for the Game Boy Advance. No doubt gamers across the UK will be offering big tips to cabbies everywhere, when Crazy Taxi's released, in the first few months of 2003.

Super Monkey Ball will allow up to four players to control their little monkey-in-a-ball around the floor-shifting puzzles and take part in numerous minigames. It's not known yet if SMB will take advantage of a tilt-sensor mechanism, like Donkey Kong Pilot, but if it does, it could provide for a very interesting game, when it gets released in early 2003.

Phantasy Star Collection the original three Phantasy Star titles, all crammed in to one GBA cartridge, and proving enough gameplay for even the most avid RPG fan, and no doubt will cause many gamers to find that they miss out all of spring and part of the start of summer, when the title gets it's release in early 2003.

Each of the games have provisional working titles at the moment, and they may change nearer their publishing date. We'll keep a close eye on them, and let you know more as soon as we hear any further details.