Sega have shown the first screens of Jet Set Radio Future for the Microsoft Xbox, which was first announced in Japan at the Tokyo Games Show.


Jet Set Radio Future uses the power of the Xbox to create living, breathing cities that are filled with opportunities. Featuring unique anime-style graphics, new tricks and incredible stunts.

From the screens we have seen so far, the graphics look more polished than the already amazing Dreamcast version, but maybe too realistic - The unique cel-shading of the Dreamcast version was one of the things that made JSR so impressive, yet it seems that the extra power of the Xbox may have made the graphics look more real-life than before, and possibly lost the cartoon style - It still looks mighty impressive though, and only time will tell which style of graphics are preffered.

screen screen

New tricks will be possible, including that of being able to grind up the side of a building while executing multiple combos, and an all new cooperative and competitive multi-player option.

Jet set radio is expected to be released on the Xbox this Winter.