It's being reported on several news agencies across the internet that Sega of Japan are planning on expanding, by purchasing smaller European and American publishers.

Rumours are currently circling around French based Infogrames, who themselves own the Atari, Hasbro and Microprose brand. Other rumours see many of the mid-sized American publishers tipped as possible options, including companies such as Acclaim and Midway Games.

However Sega's vice president of marketing Charles Bellfield, has made it clear that the company has no plans to acquire Electronic Arts - the worlds biggest publisher, and often seen as being direct rivals of Sega.

Neither Sega or any of the rumoured companies have made any comments about the possible takeovers, but if they do go ahead it could see some of the better known titles shifting hands to Sega, and possibly seeing a whole new range of titles based on some of the more sought-after franchises.

As soon as we hear any more, we'll let you know.