Sega sweped the board at the Edge Awards, taking the winner's trophy in six categories and runners up in a further three.

Proceedings started swinging early with Sega claiming the flagship "Publisher of the Year" award - hardly suprising when you consider that they have released to titles such as Shenmue, Phantasy Star Online, Jet Set Radio, Virtua Tennis, Metropolis Street Racer, Daytona and Virtua Tennis during the past year alone!

The Sonic Team turned up trumps with their Phantasy Star Online title, which swept the board by winning the coveted "Game of the Year" and "Developer of the Year" awards. The Edge panel declaring Phantasy Star Online as a "defining moment in console gaming" and describing Sonic Team's output as "standard-setting".

SambaDeAmigo, which featured a novel maraca shaking peripheral, won the "Hardware Innovation" award for it's 'Bez' defying Maracas, and Phantasy Star Online went on to pick up a further award in for form of the "Technical Acheivement" award for "creating an easily accessible, visually compelling online world."

Further Sega innovations were also rewarded in the "Graphical Achievement" category as it claimed a remarkable one-two with Jet Set Radio claiming the title for it's Cel Shading brilliance. Metropolis Street Racer claimed the runners up spot for it's "insatiable attention to detail".


  • Publisher of the Year – Sega

  • Game of the Year – Phantasy Star Online

  • Graphical Achievement – Jet Set Radio

  • Technical Achievement – Phantasy Star Online

  • Hardware Innovation – SambaDeAmigo

  • Developer of the Year – Sonic Team

  • Runners Up:

  • Gameplay Innovation – Dream Dorobo

  • Graphical Achievement – Metropolis Street Racer

  • Audio Achievement – Jet Set Radio