The sequel to Bass Fishing on the Dreamcast has been reeled in at E3, and it looks like it's going to be a whopper.


Specifically designed for the Sega Dreamcast console, SBF2 balances its focus on fun and realism by replicating real-life lakes and their complete ecology as well as adding a much-anticipated two-player mode.

This time the fish are much smarter than before, so there's much more of a challenge to the gameplay, and more than 100 different lures to be collected through tournaments, challenging AI players, or found at the bottom of the lake, the gameplay should last quite some time.

screen screen

There's also fully modeled ecology, so you get variations in seasons, time of day, water temperature, weather and wind, and with lakes modeled after their real-life counterparts, you'd think you were really there.

screen screen

From the screens that we have seen so far, Sega Bass Fishing 2 looks 'reely good', and much more impressive than the previous Bass Fishing title.

A UK release date isn't known, but America are due to get the title this summer, so hopefully Europe shouldn't be too far behind.