Sega today announced a deal with Synovial Inc, which will see Sega titles available on mobile phones and handheld devices such as the iPAQ Pocket PC.

Synovial will use a development toolkit codenamed SYN to create the Virtual Game Gear, to bring Game Gear style Sega titles to PDA's.

"As we aggressively transition Sega from hardware company to third party publisher, solid partnerships such as this one with Synovial allow us to extend the Sega gaming experience to a vast number of new consumers" said Peter Moore, president and COO, Sega of America.

Virtual Game Gear will come with three titles, including Sonic the Hedgehog, and Baku Baku Animal. Additional games will be available for a small fee, and distributed via the internet.

A European release for Virtual Game Gear hasn't been confirmed, although it seems likely that it will make it over to the UK before long.

Earlier this year Sega announced that they were to develop for the Palm PDA platform, and this growing market has also caught the eye of Ludigames who are developing Ubi Soft titles for Palm and Pocket PC platforms.

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