Robot Wars fans the length of the country will be excited to hear that the BBC has a follow up to Robot Wars - Metal Mayhem on Game Boy Color.


Robot Wars - Arenas of Destruction will be crunching and grinding it's way on to the PS2 and PC, and extending the battles to more than just the studio arena, because you'll now get to play in new settings of New York steel works, North Seal oil rig, and in a Brazilian car scrapyard.

A number of robots from the television series will feature in the game, including Chaos 2, Big Cheese and Panic Attack, plus the hugely popular house robots of Shunt, Dead Metal, Matilda, Sergeant Bash and Sir Killalot.

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Players will also get to build their own robots, specifying basic design, size, and weapons including spikes, flame throwers, axes and saws to name just a few.

Robot Wars - Arenas of Destruction is due to be published by BBC Multimedia this November, for the PlayStation 2 and PC - we'll be bringing further details nearer the launch date - activate your robots!