Sega and Sony have both announced that there are seven titles which will be published by Sony, for the PlayStation 2 in the UK and across Europe.

The titles are:

  • Space Channel 5 series (2 titles)

  • K-Project (working title)

  • Virtua Fighter 4

  • F-355 Challenge (working title)

  • Head Hunter

  • Ecco the Dolphin

Sony expects that at least two of those titles will appear before Christmas 2001, and further titles will be announced later this year.

Yoshio Sakai, the new President and C.O.O of Sega Europe said "These are very important titles for us. Our development teams are already working intensively to write the very best quality games exclusively for PlayStation 2. SCEE have demonstrated over the last 5 years that they are the best marketeers in the business and we are sure they will work their magic on these dedicated PlayStation 2 games".

We'll bring you further information about these exciting PS2 titles as more details are made available.