A major highlight of the TDK Mediactive stand at ECTS 2001 was Shrek on the Xbox, demonstrating some of the power that the machine can provide.


The game was unfortunately not playable, being a rolling demo video instead, but the detail of Shrek's face was clearly amazing, and makes the character look very special as he walked around the highly detailed fairy tale world.

Indeed, the detail in Shrek might not be apparent when you first look at it - many of the graphics look at first glance to be pretty much the same as any other similar adventure title, with nice landscapes, and the main character at the forefront of the screen - it's only on closer inspection that the real detail shines through, such as Shrek's amazing facial expressions, along with eyes and teeth which have been modelled separately, and not simply one head plopped on to the body.

Shrek was demonstrating a number of his characteristic emotions as the camera panned around him and viewed the game from various angles, which also demonstrated how the dynamic lighting works, casting shadows on the ground from Shrek, and also behind trees and buildings. An exact release date isn't known yet, but TDK hope to have Shrek ready for the Xbox during the first few months of 2002.


Other titles on show from TDK included Casper Spirit Dimensions on the PlayStation 2, which sees Casper battle it out against the evil Kibosh. Movement is via a "flying" style of control, and this means that Casper has to swoop down to rescue his friends, and pull off some impressive manoeuvres to destroy haunting spirits lurking around the corner.

Impressive visuals mixed with some spooky scenarios such as a circus world which features an evil jack-in-the-box as the end of stage baddy. Another stage takes place on a pirate ship, and each world in the game seems to be varied enough to keep gamers interested from beginning to end. Casper will be found spiriting his way on to the PS2 from November.

screen screen

Lady Sia for the Game Boy Advance also looks promising, with crisp visuals which are reminiscent of cartoon style backgrounds, and despite being quite plain they do still have a certain feel to them, and one which should be attractive to younger gamers.

Gameplay follows the young Lady Sia as she attempts to free political prisoners and collects weapons before she reaches the all-powerful Onimen. More than 40 enemies and 24 maps should keep gamers going for quite some time when Lady Sia makes her way on to the GBA this October.