It appears that expansion packs for SimCity 4 could be in development, according to reports on several websites, with the first thought to be SimCity 4: Rush Hour.


Neither developer of the city simulation Maxis or EA have confirmed that there are any plans for the packs currently - although they're hardly like to if they're saving the announcement for E3 - but a recent web survey seems to point to the possibility of the add-on packs being developed, according to the highly respected Gothia SimCity 4 site, with further news sites also reporting that work is at the early stages in the development cycle.

Obviously at this early stage it's not known what will feature in the expansions, and it's purely rumour, but it'd appear extra transport facilities and functions could be made available, along with an improved selection of European buildings - SimCity fans will remember that a UK version of SimCity 3000 was released which featured more UK style content, which makes the probability of similar SC4 content seem highly likely.

If EA make an announcement about the expansion packs at E3 in just under two week, then we'll let you know - and if they don't make any announcement, we're expecting the rumours to continue for quite some time.

Update: EA confirm SimCity Rush Hour plans