Electronic Arts have announced that they'll be showing off SimCity 4 at the upcoming E3 next month.

Developed by Maxis, who were responsible for the previous SimCity titles, SimCity 4 will see a whole new simulation engine being used, which will let you follow the life of a single Sim, and will give you immediate feedback on a building by building case, meaning that your Sim will instantly tell you what he or she thinks of the scruffy towerblock at the end of the street, or the industrial area at the edge of town with it's clouds of pollution.

A number of improvements to the gameplay and features seem likely, including more control over the buildings that you can place, the roads, rail and general transport features, plus more control over the way that you create landscapes with the new landscape creation features which Maxis say will allow for more realistic looking cities.

Regions, instead of individual cities are on offer now, and you'll get to control a whole region, and witness the effects of other cities in your area, and will have to both share and compete for resources with the other cities, which are all linked in to your transportation network.

We're very excited about the thought of an all new SimCity title, which Maxis are billing as "the most realistic, powerful and personal SimCity experience ever" - as soon as the first details and screens emerge from E3 at the end of May, we'll let you know.