N.I. Sports Ltd a division of THQ, and HotGen Studios are set to launch the UK's biggest online football management game endorsed by Sky Sports.

The deal will see Sky Sports endorsing the game, with extensive marketing of the management title on its network of websites, publications and broadcast media.

Versions of the game will be distributed both online and in the standard retail form, and "Sky Sports Football Manager" will be a subscription-based service, which will allow players the chance to manage their favourite English team complete with transfers, suspensions, injuries, promotions and accurate statistics on thousands of worldwide professional footballers.

The added feature of the online mode will mean that players can compete against both human and computer based managers through each season, aiming to achieve the impressive accolade of Sky Sports Football Manager of the Year - something pretty impressive to boast to your friends atleast!

Recent months have seen a growing trend in internet based multiplayer games, with many new "massively multiplayer" titles in development from a number of publishers, which seems to show that gamers are now looking for more than just a game where they are the only person taking part.

Sky Sports Football Manager will kick off during August, and you can pre-register for the game now at the Sky Sports website.