Microsoft have said to be bringing out new pads in the USA, after feedback from Xbox owners since the console launched last November.

According to reports, Microsoft say that they've been asked to bring out a smaller pad which is similar to the size of the smaller Japanese Xbox pads, but with a different button layout.

Details of smaller Euro pads have not been confirmed, with Microsoft saying that they want to see how sales of the standard pad goes first, and that they would respond to feedback about the pads should they get any.

Meanwhile Microsoft have reportedly denied that there is a need for the recall of their console after a small number of Japanese Xbox owners contacted the company to complain about miniature scratches appearing on their game and audio CD's after they'd been in the console.

The scratches have been put down to natural friction caused by the CD being in the drive, and Microsoft say that no permanent damage is caused, although they will repair any unit which totally fails to read CD's due to scratching.