Sold Out, the company famed for their super budget 4.99 PC titles, have announced that they're getting another bout of Worms, when Worms 2 joins the budget line-up from February.

The original Worms was one of Sold Out's biggest sellers, with over 5 million units sold - the company hope that Worms 2 will be just as popular, with it's comical worms which stop at nothing to cause pain on their rival worms, including the use of bazookas, exploding sheep and even skunks.

Team 17's Worms 2 is one of six which are due for release by Sold Out this February, boosting the range which already features titles including Colin McRae Rally, Commandos, Grand Theft Auto, and Championship Manager.

Worms are also set to wriggle on to the PlayStation 2 in the form of Ubi Soft's Worms Blast, and Worms World Party on the Game Boy Advance, both of which are also due for release during February.

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